Pi Plus - Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Pi Plus Tutors private tutoring program offers a one-on-one tutoring approach in the comfort of your home. Tutors are available in grades K-12 and in all subjects.

Pi Plus - Test Preparation

Test Preparation

Build on the necessary skills and concepts to ace the ACT, SAT, MSP, HSPE, EOC, AP, ICEE or GED exams through the Pi Plus approach to test preparation.

Pi Plus - Public Sector Programs

Public Sector

Pi Plus Tutors provides extended learning time, after school programs and outside-the-school day opportunities.

Pi Plus Tutors

At Pi Plus Tutors, our goal is to provide an outstanding educational experience facilitated by enthusiastic, dedicated and professional tutors. We believe in creating a supportive, friendly and honest rapport with our clients as we strive for consistent progress toward achieving their goals. A multitude of educational services are available, including in-home tutoring, after school programs, test preparation and anything in between.

Private Tutoring Services

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • K-12 instruction
  • Study skills
  • Essay review
  • Test preparation
  • Support for special needs
  • Homework help

Public Sector Programs

  • Before/after school programs
  • Summer program opportunities
  • Extended absence support
  • Early childhood education
  • Support for LEP students
  • Dropout prevention programs
  • Professional development

Locations We Service

  • Greater Puget Sound area
  • Skagit County
  • Yakima Valley and Tri Cities
  • Wenatchee Valley
  • Spokane